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HOLA provides a variety of bilingual, culturally-competent services and programs to meet the diverse needs of Ohio’s Latino and immigrant communities. Every day, our staff, volunteers and partners can be found working with individuals and families across Ohio, making an impact on their lives.

Our Programs

Immigration & Citizenship Support

We provide rigorous immigration support to keep families together and protect immigrants’ civil rights. By stabilizing families, we strengthen our community.

Our work includes:

  • Free consultations with licensed immigration attorneys
  • Deportation relief
  • Citizenship preparation
  • Assistance for unaccompanied children, DACA and asylum seekers

Call our bilingual caseworkers for more information and to request assistance:

Medical & Mental Healthcare Access

We facilitate access to medical and mental health care to ensure that everyone, regardless of insurance or immigration status, receives the care they need to thrive.

This includes: 

  • Helping families find free- and low-cost medical and mental health care
  • Setting Medical appointments
  • Interpretation for appointments
  • Transportation assistance
  • Medical case management

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Education & Workforce

HOLA partners with area employers, universities and tech schools to provide new career opportunities and advanced training for workers, and to help Northeast Ohio employers meet their production needs.

View a list of current career opportunities

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Entrepreneur & Small Business Support

Latinos are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, and Hispanic-owned businesses are a major driver of economic growth in our region.

As a latino charity we provide language-accessible training to small business owners in areas such as tax preparation, financial management, and business planning, in partnership with local organizations, to ensure that business owners have the tools to achieve their dreams.

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COVID-19 Help

Latinos are one of the hardest hit demographics by the Covid-19 pandemic, yet face many barriers to accessing medical care, vaccines and economic safety net programs. 

HOLA provides life-saving COVID support to Latino families and workers, minimizing illness and death. We provided Covid support to over 1,200 families in 2021.

This includes::

  • Access to medical care
  • Vaccine appointments and education
  • Covid testing
  • Grocery assistance
  • Economic support for those experiencing financial hardship

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General Assistance 

Our nonprofit organization assists individuals and families with a wide range of issues that impact their lives, including civil rights, workplace issues, direct needs assistance, and access to community resources.

Contact our bilingual caseworker for more information and to request assistance: